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  • Raw stuff preparation
  • Mashing and cooking
  • Yeast culture and yeast mash preparing
  • Wort fermentation
  • Distilling / purification of fermented alcohol
  • Ethanol dehydration
  • Distillery stillage processing

We offer hardware and software complexes that make it possible to proactively manage of ethanol production processes with high purity of product on outlet and provide saving of physical resources (cooling water, enzyme preparations, etc.) and power resources (steam, electric energy, etc.).


Sautcom offers total solution on factory-wide automation for ethanol plants, bioethanol fuel plants, ethyl acetate plants which incorporates all processes and process flow segments:


Raw stuff preparation:


  • raw material storing (grain storage bin, grain elevators)
  • raw material transporting (cup-type elevator and conveyors)
  • grain cleaning (grain separators, grain-cleaning machines)
  • milling (dry mill and wet mill)


 Mashing and cooking:


  • mashing (mixing, blending, initial preparing with enzyme agents)
  • cooking (high-temperature cooking, low-temperature cooking and combined cooking schemes)
  • saccharification (vacuum saccharification, saccharification with adding enzyme agents)


Yeast culture and yeast mash preparation:


  • yeast mash preparation
  • yeast culture preparation (continuous and periodic methods)


Wort fermentation: