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  • Steam boilers
  • Auxiliary heat equipment
  • Chemical water treatment
  • Turbine and electric generator

The primary purpose of our solutions is saving of power resources. Such saving can be achieved through providing combustion mode on the edge of incomplete combustion (with using СО- and О2- sensors), boiler continuous blowdown optimization, installing frequency inverters for draught system machines.


We have operational experience on automated process control systems (APCS) developing and offer all-in-one services on APCS for different technological stations of heat power industry objects and for different technological units:


  • Natural gal fired boilers, gas-and-oil-fired boilers, pulverized coal-fired boiler;


    • Pressure-reducing desuperheating stations, desuperheating station, deaerators, auxiliary heat equipment;


    • Chemical water treatment;


    • Turbine and electric generator.