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Automated process control system of the dryer plant


Process of the grain drying is the one of the important processes that make it possible to increase storing term, protect and improve grain natural properties.


LLC SAUTCOM would like to propose you an automated process control system (APCS) of the grain drying plant. Proposed drying plant automated control system works by flexy-configurable algorithm of drying which responsive to grain type and it humidity.


Main features of the automated process control system (APCS) of the grain drying plant:


  • Monitoring of the drying process conditions;
  • Presets of recipes for different grain cultures;
  • Control of gas valves and draft fans due to process procedure;
  • Data communication with other control systems;
  • Report preparation and history data logging;
  • Making automatic correction of the drying mode due to sensor value of grain humidity installed on feed of drying tank.



Automated control system of the drying plant provides the following basics functions:


  • Supervision of the drying process and equipment parameters;
  • Automatic control of the equipment and generating of the control signals by the preset algorithms and transferring these signals to the actuators;
  • Displaying live data of drying process on the touch panel screen;
  • Remote control of the processing equipment;
  • Technological and emergency alarming;
  • Safety interlock;
  • Automatic acquisition, handling and logging of drying process data.


Automated process control system of grain drying plant has been engineered for uninterrupted long-term operating process.