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Automated control system of the sweep conveyor consist of mobile control cabinet with embedded HMI panel, control gear, materials for quick installation, etc.


The main features of proposal system is:


  • Conveyor motor load current mode control based on PLC;
  • Mobility (ability of using on different silos);
  • Wide power range of sweep conveyors with one or two drives.


The main functions of the automated control system of the sweep conveyor:


  • Providing control of sweep conveyor either in automatic mode or in manual mode;
  • Displaying messages on HMI screen about conveyor operating mode;
  • Displaying on HMI screen a value of motor load current;
  • Providing graceful shutdown of sweep conveyor in a case of emergency states occurring;
  • Displaying diagnostic messages on HMI screen of alarm reasons (in a case of emergency situations has occurred);
  • Providing flexible tuning of system settings.


The main principle of the sweep conveyor control is continuous monitoring of the motor current load. According with it value the system generate one of three commands to the conveyor drive: “Move forward”, “Stop” or “Move backward”.


The control algorithm provides active-status of the sweep conveyor even if grain fall has been occurred. In that case, the sweep conveyor change movement to other direction. This control algorithm provides the maximal efficiency of the sweep conveyor and protect it of stopping in a case of grain falls.