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We have operational experience on automated process control systems (APCS) developing and offer all-in-one services on APCS for different technological stations of sugar factory and for sugar factory different units:

Beet processing:

  • Beet transportation system;
  • Beet washing department;
  • Drum beet slicers Putch, Maguin;
  • Inclined beet diffusers DC- and PDS- types;
  • Column beet diffusers KDA- and EKA- types;
  • Automated drive for beet diffusers and beet slicers as on a basis of asynchronous electric motors with frequency invertors and as on a basis of DC-drives with SCR’s control either.

Juice purification:

  • Defecosaturation stations;
  • Juice filtration stations on a basis of different types of filters (АМА, TF, FSBU, MVZh, FiLS, Putch);
  • Mud filtration stations (press filters of different types).

 Evaporation station:

  • Evaporation station with condensates system.

 Sugar boiling house:

  • A-, B-, C- vacuum pans;
  • Seed massecuite preparing;
  • Cold crystal preparing as a crystal base for seed massecuite;
  • Standard syrup preparation;
  • Centrifugals of A-, B-, C- massecuite (including works on replacing, modernization and commissioning of electric drive);
  • C-massecuite crystallization in the vertical crystallizers;
  • Vacuum-condensing station.

Sugar drying and storagе:

  • Sugar drying stations;
  • Bulk sugar storages (silo).

Auxiliary systems:

  • Pulp presses station;
  • Pulp drum dryers;
  • Pulp granulating stations;
  • Lime kilns;
  • Limewater preparation.